Bodyful Touch - Cavi-Lipo
What is cavi-Lipo™ and how does ultrasound work...this powerful unit weighs in at more than 65 lbs and utilizes a strong and effective 25 kHz frequency that targets adipose (fat cells).  Ideal frequency for Cavitation is between(20kHz and 30kHz) Too strong and it by passes the Adipose and goes into the muscle, if not regulated it can go into vital organs. Too weak (40 to 50 KHz)  and it can not penetrate into the fat (adipose) or create enough disturbance in the cell to cause cavitation.  A common misunderstanding with ultrasound is that the higher the frequency 40 50, 60 KHz the weaker the signal strength. Simple explanation if you clap your hands 25 times in a minute you can be slow and firm. If asked to clap your hands 40 times in that same minute you would have to be quicker and lighter to accomplish it. So 25,000 waves per second is heavier and denser vs the higher frequencies of 40 to 50 KHz units. Our unit also has two patented transducers to be both safe and efficacious. The ringed surface deflects the signal preventing it from penetrating too deeply or past the adipose. The second handpiece has a special silicon head that allows you to use it on the neck and face without hurting someones ear drums.  These two special and patented designs are unique to the Cavi-Lipo product and another reason why Cavi-lipo is the most popular unit in the world. 
Unlike other treatments on the market today Cavi-Lipo™ is one of the few if not the only treatment that offers permanent cell destruction. Most systems claim to shrink, reduce, or smooth fat cells but without diet, exercise and special supplements the results are not achieved and or permanent.
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